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December Photo Challenge – Festive Food

Season’s Greetings! We are getting in the mood for Christmas with our Photo Challenge in the next month so that you can share the delights of the season with us. We are looking for your FESTIVE FOOD pictures throughout December. We are a little worried that we won’t be able to tear ourselves away from the computer screen with everything that you post for us.

Pop your photos on Facebook, and we will pick the best next month as we always do:

Before we give you some ideas for photos at Christmas, lets check out the wonderful shots that you had for the November challenge, covering the COLD theme?

We are shivering just looking at all of these ;-).

After grabbing a hot water bottle, we have managed to choose our favourite three from that lovely selection of photos, and here goes….

Kathryn Cresswell

Such a simple, but effective shot from Kathryn which shows the beauty of the cold and winter perfectly. Frost can be oh so stunning if you capture the subject effectively.

Thomas Corcoran

This is another beautifully composed shot, showing the snow covering a set of bikes in Munich, which evokes those wintry memories of playing in the snow as a kid. The vintage bikes are just gorgeous too.

Thomas obviously has a talent for winter shots as this stood out as well, perfect picture – love those eyes!

Helen Templeton

Finally, this shot of Helen’s with her daughter and the Snow Queen’s heart 😉

I hope you like these as much as we did.

But what about this month?

How are you going to get those perfect Christmas shots? As always we have a few resources for you to use to give you some ideas:

Some fantastic thoughts here for you all, and if you do take those “best of” shots, then why not get some gifts for your family? We have some Christmas photo gift ideas on Truprint – what about some festive placemats perhaps?

Thanks for reading!