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February Photo Challenge – Red

We are celebrating the LOVE this month with our fabulous Valentine’s Day photo gift guide, a dedicated section on our site for Valentines Day photo gift products and now, we are going to pay homage to “love” with our photo challenge.

As you can see, we have decided to widen the theme a little so that we can run this for the whole of the month on February. We really want you to share your photos with us on the theme of RED.

We have previously covered Black in our photo challenge, and some of the photography was stunning, so we are hoping for more of the same this month.

Before we give you a few ideas, lets take a look at the challenge we set you last month, shall we? Our theme in January was OUTSIDE. We wanted to inspire you to take some photographs, even though you might need to wrap up warm.

The three photos we have chosen to feature on the blog definitely sum up the cold, but are very different from each other…just how we like it.

John Cuthbert

John, who has his own photography company, JC Studios, often takes part in our challenges, and never fails to raise a smile with his posts. His post this month was beautiful, as well as informative.

This is what he said as he shared his picture with us all:

“Hair Ice in the New Forest…..In some forests on humid winter nights, peculiar ice crystals form on rotting wood. The ice looks like bursts of hairy cloud, and sometimes a bit like candy floss. It is neither. These hair-like wisps appear at night and melt when the sun comes up. Scientists have now discovered exactly what gives “hair ice” its strange shape. It’s caused by a fungus called Exidiopsis effusa.”

Fascinating, and stunning too. Thanks for sharing, John.

Christine Stafford

This pictures, posted by Christine on the Facebook page, is simply gorgeous. The dog almost glistens with the cold…

This dog still manages to look incredibly cuddly despite the snow though, don’t you think?

Emma Tumelty

Our final choice is from Emma, and is a simple shot of the beach – with an abandoned digger and a dog that seems to be enjoying itself rather a lot. We loved the contrasts in the subjects of this shot – desolation and joy captured perfectly on a cold winter’s day at the beach

We hope you liked our three choices – which ones would you have chosen?

Don’t forget to take part in the Red photo challenge this month, will you? If you aren’t too sure what pictures you can take for the theme, how about:

  • Capturing the sun as it sets or rises creating that wonderful red glow that we all know and love,
  • Looking close up at the details on something red; from flowers to a dress and everything else in between,
  • Using the theme of “love” to inspire you to create an interesting subject for your Valentine’s Day photo gift and card, and
  • Deliberately creating red eye using the the flash, or perhaps adding a red filter to your camera to create something just that little bit little different.

Get your Valentine’s Day photo gift and card here.

Good luck with it all, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this month’s theme.