The intricate details in a Dandelion seed showing the effects you can get with macro photography on the phone.
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Five iPhone Macro Photography Tips to Make Your Photos POP

iPhone Macro Photography can be described as extreme close-up photography. The best thing is that it’s accessible to everyone and you don’t need an expensive DSLR camera.

Did you know that it is possible to take great macro photographs by simply using the camera on your mobile phone?

iPhone Macro Photography Tips

Get the right gear

There are many ways in which you can take macro photographs on your phone, you can purchase an app and use that, or purchase an exterior macro lens that attaches to your phone.

For the iPhone, the Olloclip slips over the corner of the phone covering the camera lens.

Some lenses require a separate phone case designed especially to fit the thread of the lens. The type of lens and app available will differ for each phone manufacturer. There are usually two sections to each lens, the macro lens and the larger wide angle/fisheye lens.

Selection of macro lenses for the iPhone.

A Selection of Lenses for iPhone Macro Photography

Of course, you don’t need to purchase extra equipment for your camera, simply visit the App Store and search for iPhone Macro Photography or camera and you will find lots of different apps that can provide you with an in app macro lens.

For the iPhone, Camera+ is an excellent app that allows you to use your phone just as you would a DSLR camera, it also includes an excellent macro setting too allowing the user to adjust focus, white balance, ISO, and exposure.

Its all in the lighting

When taking any form of photograph, lighting is an important area to consider. A phone camera will often find it difficult to focus on an object if the object is very bright or in direct sunlight, resulting in the image being over exposed and very white.

In order to avoid this, especially with macro photography, position yourself with the light behind you.

Create a studio at home to help you with your shots and lighting


Creating a make shift photo studio for indoor photography can really help.

Choose a background, position the object and play with positioning a desk light. Placing yourself between the light and the object you are photographing will help diffuse the light as well.

Detailed shot of a Kiwi fruit, taken in a home studio.

Kiwi Detail

Steady as she goes…

Planning the composition of your photograph gives the opportunity to work out how to avoid any form of movement or shaking hands when taking a macro photograph. Even the slightest movement such as breathing can make an image appear blurred.

Movement will make if difficult for the camera to focus on the object, which will result in a blurred image of course.

There are ways to combat this though. Look around, is there anything that can be used to lean against, kneel on or balance yourself with? If so use this. Take shallow breaths when taking your photograph to reduce movement too.

Tripods and Gorilla Pods are available to purchase which can help to keep the phone steady.

Obviously trying to take a macro photograph outside on a windy day, is going to provide many challenges and is best avoided unless a suitable shelter can be made to reduce any movements caused by the wind.

In cases like this, bringing the object indoors and using a make shift studio can be beneficial; where suitable.

The intricate details in a Dandelion seed showing the effects you can get with macro photography on the phone.

Balancing Dandelion Seed

Watch for those intricate details

The beauty of a macro lens is its ability to capture the tiniest of detail that is often invisible to the naked eye. For example, a dandelion seed head will reveal many intricate, delicate strands bringing an air of mystery to the image.

Water droplets magnify, exposing hidden detail in a leaf, or flower petal. Reflections can also be captured within these droplets making an image truly magnificent.

The magnifying properties of the raindrop within macro photography

Magnifying Water Droplets

All you need is a little patience

The keys to good iPhone Macro Photography is image composition, lighting and patience.

Patience is vital as a ladybird, shield bug, spider or bee, are not going to sit still and wait for you to compose your photograph. The beauty of digital photography is that it doesn’t matter how many photographs are taken to capture one good image, as they can all be deleted.

The busy bee - patience is a must for macro photography

Busy Bee

Some wonderful tips here from our guest blogger, Louise, again. For full details of Louise, please do check out her post on the daily photo challenge she is doing.

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