Tips for taking framed photographs
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Seven tips for getting the perfect frame for your photograph

Tips for taking framed photographs

Clearly, when are are talking about framed shots, we don’t mean popping down to the high street and grabbing a nice wooden frame for your photograph to hang on the wall.

This can enhance your photograph of course, but what we are actually talking about is using objects within your image to frame your photograph subject. This could be an archway, window or a tree, in fact anything that can be used to help emphasise the point of your photograph at which you want the viewer to focus.

Using this simple technique can turn an ordinary snap shot into a great photograph that you’ll want to show off to your friends.

1: Take your time

Once you’ve found a subject to shoot, take your time. Chances are your first instinctive shot is the same old photo everyone has taken so don’t rush in. Take a look around and check out your subject from different angles. Look for archways or features to shoot through that will help make your image stand out from the rest.

2: Half-Frame

Framing doesn’t have to be all encompassing. A carefully chosen feature to one side of your photograph can help to lead the viewers eye toward the subject of your image.

Caribou: Tips for framing photos

3: Natural windows

If you have no archways or other structures to use, look out for any plant growth or trees. A natural gap in a tree’s foliage can create a fantastic window onto your subject. If you are photographing architecture this can also help soften your subjects impact.

4: Get down low

You may find a nice archway but find that your subject doesn’t quite frame up in the shot. Adjust your angle. I’ve found getting down low if you are able can often get you the shot you’re after. Always make sure you take along something you can kneel or lay on, just in case.

5: Keep it simple

Don’t clutter up your foreground. The subject of your photograph is still the emphasis of your shot, so the framing should enhance it not compete with it.

Avenue of trees: Tips for framing photos

6: Take lots of shots

The beauty of digital photography is that you lose nothing from taking lots of shots. Most photographers take many shots just to capture that one special photograph they were looking for. Often you will be surprised that the shot you thought was the best comes second to one you had thought wouldn’t be that good.

7: Show it off

If you do get that great shot, don’t waste it. Print it off and buy that wooden frame you had your eye on. There’s nothing better than having your creation hanging on the wall for all to see.

Thanks again to another wonderful guest blog today. This time from Jason Wells. He discovered photography at a young age with a simple point and shoot camera. Although studying & training in horticulture, he always remained a keen photography enthusiast which helped him to progress in both technique and equipment, and having photographs published locally and on websites. He now runs his own portrait & wedding photography business called WellsyJay Photography and is based in Norfolk. You can also connect with him on this Facebook page.