Photography Tips

How to Make a Texture Triptych

We have another guest blog from Rachael today – this time, we are giving some advice on how to brighten up those walls with a stunning idea for your photographs with a quick how to on making a triptych, using textured photograhs.

Was redecorating your house on your New Year’s Resolution list?

In which case, a triptych, which is a set of three photos that fit together, could be the answer to your prayers. We’ve got some great ideas for creating both photo canvases and photo prints that could work really help to help develop a stunning effect on your walls.

Perhaps there’s just that one room that needs the kiss of life in your house?

Well, rather than forking out for generic wall hangings from your local furniture franchise, you could create your own atmospheric art-work with a little help from us. Why not give it a try, at a fraction of the cost?

Next time you’re walking the dog on a gloomy morning, or visiting a local park with your always-angelic kids in tow, don’t forget to capture some scenic snaps while you are out and about.

If the room you’re decorating is themed around one colour, look for textures in shades that compliment that colour.

For those unlucky few to whom the crack of dawn is no stranger, an unexpected perk of waking up so early, is the fantastic ice patterns that appear on our cars. Before you start chipping away with the scraper, snap away at the glorious view.

Once you’ve got three pictures you’re happy with that work well together, order photo prints through Truprint – go on you know you want to ;-). The 7”X5” size works best and when they’re available from just 17p each from Truprint, you may as well do the whole house!

A triptych is actually rather a posh word for three pictures shown together. This textured example using wood, logs and brick hangs proudly in a lounge where there is a modern black and white theme. Most cameras have a black and white pre-set you can shoot in. Failing this, there are many free photo-editing programs that you can use to create this effect.

It is a simple idea, but turning those textured snaps black and white can be the perfect answer to filling that blank wall space.

So there you have it. This gives you some completely unique wall-art that oozes atmosphere, without the preposterous price-tag.

Time to get re-decorating the house well and truly ticked off the to-do list!

Pictures and article by Rachael Amos