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June Photo Challenge – Blue Skies

We have another photography challenge for you now, and thanks so much for all the shots you shared last month. This time we are looking at BLUE SKIES.

Photo credit: Jonathan Denney from Unsplash

We are looking forward to the summer and hoping for plenty of opportunities to capture more of these. We hope that blue skies will cheer you all up, even if the day doesn’t actually bring any for you.

There were some lovely silhouette pictures for last month’s photo challenge, and it was hard to pick the three that we loved the most.

Emma Catt

A stunning shot of a tree silhouetted against the sunset. A beautifully calming photo, that we had to include. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Sara Darvill

The raven is usually a symbol of bad news, but it would seem as though this raven missed that memo as you can’t fail to be impressed by this shot from Sarah. Majestic.

Joy Dehaney

As ever, Joy contributed a number of great shots for us this month, and this one was our favourite. A simple border makes a massive difference to this shot, which is well composed; capturing Cornwall in a unique and striking way.

We hope you like these shots as much as we do.

For the next challenge, we have a few resources to help you out if you choose to capture some of those blue skies in the coming month. We genuinely hope that you see a lot of them!

This article from how to start photography gives general tips on photographing skies, and making sure that those pictures are amazing.

Craftsy has a specific article on how to photograph well on sunny days, which has some great ideas for making the light work for you.

If you are really, really clever, you can change the colour in your sky yourself with a little camera trickery and David Bergman shows you how in this great post from FStoppers.

We hope that you enjoy this, and we look forward to sharing the pictures with you next month.