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Lifes a Beach: Seaside Photography Tips

We have Rachael guesting for us again today – this time giving us all a few tips for creating some stunning seaside shots for the beach on our holidays.

Not long now before we enjoy a two week break from the relentless rain, otherwise known as summer!

I say two weeks with an air of optimism of course. With the ‘sunny’ season comes a host of unmissable photo-opportunities, so why not clean your dusty digital, and take a trip to your local beach for a spot of summer shooting?

Couple Shots

Pictures with your significant other can be tricky.

If they don’t decide to pull a stupid face, they have likely looked away at the crucial second, rendering your picture useless. Perhaps you’ve reviewed a picture, and decided it is ‘awful’, knowing full well you have only looked at your own face in the shot and ignored your partner’s completely!

So here are some clever ways to eliminate these issues, leaving you with mantelpiece-worthy shots for minimal effort. You’re welcome.

For a truly unique picture, press your hands into the sand leaving prints behind. If you’re married, experiment with taking off your wedding rings and placing these into the shot as well. Try not to do this too close to the sea however, as the unpredictable tide may swoop your jewellery away, making your day at the beach a very expensive one!

Sunsets are an effective way of adding drama to any seaside snap.

If your camera has a self-timer, try creating a striking picture of the two of you walking down the beach. Again, ensure the camera is well away from the tide, and keep an eye out for potential camera-thieves that may strike while your back is turned.

Silhouettes are great for adding atmosphere to your pictures as well.

While we’re on the subject, let’s look at more ways you can use these to your advantage…..

Silhouette Shots

When you think of surfers, you probably picture a group of annoyingly-perfect bronzed youths frolicking in the waves or around a barbecue.

However, surfers can be a great seaside subject, especially when they’re dark in the picture so their physique doesn’t make you feel quite so upset about your own. πŸ˜‰

Why not create a stunning silhouette with beach buildings?

Detail Shots

Some of the most effective pictures don’t require gorgeous models or pricey props, but simply a little imagination.

Top Tip: A popular seaside photography trick is to utilise the ‘Rule of Thirds’. Imagine a grid across your picture with three vertical lines and three horizontal. Try to position your subject at any point where the lines intersect for the most effective shot.

Making Waves

For pictures that wow, position your model in front of the breaking tide.

This serves two purposes:

  • The pictures look stunning, and
  • There’s a strong chance the waves will crash against the subject, knocking them over and creating hilarity for all spectators.

So next time there’s a break in the dreaded downpours, get yourself to the seaside and start snapping.

Though do be quick about it. We all know from experience the sunshine will likely be gone before you can say ‘my goodness – it’s not raining for once’!

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Photographs and article by Rachael Amos Photography