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March Photo Challenge – Chill

Welcome back to another photo challenge everyone! Before I share with you last month’s spoils after another great selection of photos were submitted on Facebook, lets introduce the March photo challenge for everyone.

This month, as we move from Winter into Spring, we’d like you to take a look at the challenge of Chill.

Source: Flickr user Till Krech – Chill out

We still have a cold snap, so why not use this? Alternatively, what using a relaxing theme, or watching nature as it slowly moves out of the chill, into a relaxing Spring and “chills” in a different way?

We have published our new photo challenge on the blog for March for you all – moving on from sleep we have the theme of…

Posted by on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pop on over to the Truprint Facebook page and join in with everyone else. We will, as always, feature the three shots we love the best, with credit, on the blog next month.

Which reminds me that we need to look back on the photo challenge for February, which was Sleep.

We have some great pictures over the course of the month…

We have had a little time off for our monthly photo challenge, but it is now back! This month, please share anything you…

Posted by on Friday, January 29, 2016

Don’t forget to take part in our fantastic photo challenge on the blog! Share your pictures with us, and we feature the…

Posted by on Friday, February 19, 2016

…which made it even harder to narrow down to three shots. However, we’ve done it after much tea and coffee drinking, as well as snoozing. Who wouldn’t feel sleepy looking at all those peaceful pups, and faces?

Joanne McCarthy

Our first picture is from Joanne, and is immediately striking; simply because of a very clever use of props and subject in a newborn picture. The difference is size between a 4ft Teddy bear and a little baby are rather dramatic wouldn’t you agree? We do hope someone kept an eye on the bear just to make sure he didn’t fall forward and land on the little one, of course. He might have got carried away and wanted to cuddle just a little bit too much! ;-)

Hollie Horton

The second feature choice is another teddy bear shot; wonder if I am getting sentimental in my old age…. ;-). This time it’s a lovely image of a dog fast asleep cuddling a wee bear. Just beyond cute. Thanks so much to Hollie for sharing this with us all.

Lauralou Marshall

Our final choice is this gorgeous shot of two siblings, asleep together. Such a calm, yet evocative picture, capturing a moment of peace in what I am sure is a usually chaotic sibling relationship. Well, at least if my kids are anything to go by anyway…. Definitely a picture to cherish. We thank Lauralou for sharing this with us too.

We hoped you enjoyed seeing our choices; do take a look at the other pictures, and join in the challenge for March too, with our Chill theme.

How about these ideas to get your imagination going?

  • Snap a shot of the frost on the ground, perhaps from an unusual angle?
  • Take a picture of the frost on something else, perhaps an unusual item, or very close up. The crystals can make stunning pictures, aprticularly in the early morning when the light can be stunning,
  • Take a photograph of someone all wrapped up in their winter wear, particularly if their bobble hat makes you smile,
  • Capture your breath on glass, or just in the air,
  • Look for a chilly, foggy day, and see how the fog affects the light, and makes for some pretty spooky shots, and finally
  • Relax, enjoy life, and just capture the moment!

See you next month for the April challenge, but in the meantime remember to have fun, and if you capture those great shots during the month, nip over to Truprint’s store to keep them forever.