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November Photo Challenge – Winter Photos

We’ve had a lovely month – enjoying the autumn sun, and the leaves on the ground. We have been preparing for the cold – so it seems fitting that now we are in November, we move our new photo challenge into this time of year. We are going to set you the theme of COLD for this month, perfect for winter photos past and present.

Winter is just around the corner, and we love the crisp, clear snow, and the breath on our windows – even the frost in the morning. There’s something special about winter photos, isn’t there?

We’ve also got to watch out for the colds that make our bones ache, our bodies shiver, and our noses run. Huddling up by the fire can be the only way to keep those nasty germs at bay.

We would love to see what ideas you can come up with this month. Take some new pictures, and even think about popping them on our fantastic new framed prints. A little bit of the cold on your fireplace can only make you feel a little warmer, right? These framed prints, along with our square prints (perfect for Instagram of course), are just some of the great new products we have coming to you in the next few months. So watch this space.

Last month’s challenge was for you to share your BLACK photos. You excelled yourselves as always with nearly 100 photographs submitted to us. You love making our top three such an impossible choice…..

After much deliberation, we did manage to pick three that we want to share with you here; Just.

Owl appeal

Our first picture is this stunning shot from Christine Stafford of an owl. We love the clever way the black of the background almost seeps into the bird. And the expression on his face, particularly those eerie eyes, is a real winner as well. I am a little concerned about what the owl is really thinking about me as I look at the picture to be honest….

Portrait in Black

Our second picture is from Melanie Hunter, and is a simply stunning portrait of her daughter. This is just beautiful for its simplicity. A really excellent capture.

End of a black day

Our last photograph is from Lisa Sullivan and is a picture of her partner on Winchelsea Beach; the black dominates the photograph. However, the silhouetted figure draws in the eye completely and adds something special to the picture. Well done.

This is us done for the challenge this month. We hope you liked these three pictures as much as we do, and that you join in with the photography challenge on the blog this month too.

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Thanks for joining us again.