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October Photo Challenge – Black

You have surpassed yourself with the wonderful shots you have created for the Sun, Sea and Sand theme in our last photography challenge. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. Before we do, lets announce the next challenge here on the blog.

You can join in for fun, as well as to expand those photography horizons. The October theme is Black.

We wanted to pick one that was in keeping with the Halloween season, as we are in the right month for all things scary and creepy. We’d love to see some of your ideas for this, and we will give you a little bit of help later, but first…lets discuss the previous theme’s pictures.

We had a staggering 111 comments on the post regarding this challenge, which is the most we have had yet. You obviously loved sharing your shots with us all.

It was very hard to choose the right three pictures, so do check out the other ones within the post above too. There are some gorgeous and creative ideas to see.

Neil Sneddon

Our first shot is from Neil Sneddon. We loved this because it is so amazingly atmospheric; the expression, the sky and the black and white all combine to create a stunning effect. This is unusual for the subject too, but the picture has been thought about hard to build this.

Chris Garner

This picture is from from Chris Garner, and is of the sea and the sand at Seascale beach. This really stood out within the thread; the colours are simply amazing. Cumbria is a wonderful part of the UK, and this picture just shows you how gorgeous our country can be; if you just wait for the right moment.

Lucy Dorrington

This picture is all about the shells part of the theme and was taken by the daughter of the lovely lady who runs The Parent Game website. The softening of the light creates added interest in the picture, and its just perfect for evoking those holiday memories. We all wish we were searching for shells on a beach now….

As you can tell, we’ve had the most beautiful selection, so do pop over to the post above and see the others too. We wish we could share them all with you here, but this blog would be rather long if we did….

Black is the colour

This month, we are looking for your photographs on the black theme, so check out the relevant post on Facebook (above) and share with us, won’t you?

Some ideas for you include:

We are sure that’s given you some great ideas – so come on, go play!