Photography Tips

Pet Party May Photo Challenge

You have done us proud again with all your amazing pet photos in our photo challenge. During May, we would love to see what you can come up with in the theme of PETS. If you can, we’d like to see those pets on the move ideally. There is nothing quite like a dog running, a cat stalking, or perhaps even a hedgehog snuffling!

Last month, the standard was high. It was hard to pick three pet photos to feature, but here goes…

Willie Williams

I loved this shot as it was an accident, and so original. The reflection in the eye is unintentionally, as is the pint of guinness in the shot too!

Adam Meggison

We shared this on our Facebook page, it was so striking. A beautiful shot showing how effective a little rain can be in making your macro photography look stunning. This was taken in Hertford Castle grounds.

Joy Dehany

Joy’s photographs have featured on the blog before, when we gave you our generations challenge, but this photo made me smile so much we had to have it in here again.

We present you, courtesy of Joy….a fly….with a hangover!

You just can’t beat that now can you?

We’d love to see how you get on with this month’s challenge of PETS, and moving ones if possible. We are sure you have lots of ideas, but just in case you need some inspiration, here are some more photography tips for you. Thanks to Sixth Bloom, ePhotozine, and A Beautiful Mess for their help here too. Do check out our Pinterest for more tips and some great photos too.

Pet Photos: Top Tips for Taking Them

Be prepared

Animals don’t do what we want them to, and certainly not when we want them to do it. Make sure you are always photo ready, so that if Murphy’s Law strikes, and your dog does something awesome when you least expect it…you are there!

Be patient

I think that we may have said this before on the blog, that the key to great photography is often a LOT of patience. You need to give your pets time to be cool, so wait and relax. They will too, and then you are more likely to find them pulling that funny face that you can imortalise on film.

Be shutter aware

You might want to go with a fast shutter speed to slow your pet down BUT do consider the posibility that the combination of blur and sharp pictures can give you an excellent effect too. Experiment to see what works for you and your pet.

Be surprising

If you have a pet goat, then you are already halfway there to a great shot – a goat in the bath is a suprising image, and one we will take note of. However, just because you don’t have an unusual pet, doesn’t mean you can’t create an unusual situation that will casuse a double take. Think about placing your pet in strange places to create a perfect picture.

Be creative

We often think about using props with people, so why not with pets? If you can combine the suprising with the creative ideas for props, then you are well on the way to giving us a well composed photograph that will make your viewer think twice.

Be leash and collar aware

If you are taking a shot of a pet with a collar or a leash, make sure that the leash isn’t placed in the shot in a way that you can’t edit it on Photoshop to remove it. In addition, think about the collar, you don’t want this to distract from the pet, so make sure it is either hidden or un-obtrusive.

There are our tips, what about yours? If you have any, we would love to see them, and don’t forget to share your photos on our Facebook page too. We’d love to feature you next month!