Reflection photo challenge, from Sweet Things, a wonderful shot through a bridge on a canal
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Reflecting on last months photo challenge, and new for February – Generations

Last month, we set you all a challenge to come up with some wonderful Reflections pictures. You didn’t let us down; in fact the response to the request was overwhelming, with over 50 pictures submitted onto our Facebook page:

As you can see, our Truprint Facebook Page fans are truly a very talented bunch. It was so difficult to pick out three pictures to feature on the blog, but we have chose these, in no particular order.

Sarah Darvil: the heart-shaped spoon

Refections Photo Challenge - from Sarah Darvil

This is a unique shot; beautifully composed, and a very original subject; both in terms of the reflected item AND the reflecting surface. Thanks for sharing, Sarah

Sweet things: the view through the bridge

Reflection photo challenge, from Sweet Things, a wonderful shot through a bridge on a canal

This photo show with great effect how shapes and setting can play such an important part in creating a dramatic shot. The calm water, and the shape of the bridge combine to stunning effect. Wonderful to see this, and very much appreciated the share from Sweet Things.

Jenny Wilkins – coloured boats in Venice

Reflections Photo Challenge; a wonderful shot from Jenny Wilikins of coloured boats in Venice

The combination of the light, water and reflections make this an amazing shot, with so much going on it is tough to know where to look; a pure explosion of colour. Thanks for taking part, Jenny.

We are going to try and post as many of the wonderful pictures you have created to a Pinterest board within our account, so do take a look. We will, of course, give credit to you all, so it’ll take a little time to get them on there, but so much talent needs to be celebrated!

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This month, we have a new theme for you:


We would love you to celebrate the generations in your family, or your friends, or even the world around you; from mums and daughters to fathers and sons. We are giiving a gentle nod to Mother’s Day, but much, much more. It can be as simple as this, but it could be a photo that speaks about the contrasts between generations, at how our recent generations have changed, or uses objects, and locations to convey the theme.

Tips for taking generation snaps aren’t as straight-forward as those for reflections, but here are some ideas we have come up with for you thanks to this wonderful collection of generations photos at the Digital Photography school; a blog well worth checking out.

1. Compose shots with contrast in mind

Contrast works beautifully in shots generally, but there is something extra special with pulling out the contrasts between young and old; whether in their foot size, or the contrast in their faces. These images can evoke a lot of emotion in the viewer.

2. Go beyond the human

Generation shots with people are stunning, but there is something even more dramatic about using different subjects or combining the human shot, with an object; from elephants to old and new cars…think outside the box.

3. Have fun with objects

Different generations use everyday objects in different ways, and have very different experiences with them. Indeed, they often have very different versions of the same thing; from phones to shoes. You can use this in working with your images, and in the composition of your shots.

4. Focus on the details

Of course this is always true with photography, but in particular when you are shooting shots across generations, the little details can make a big difference to the impact of your photos – from the laughter lines around an old man’s eyes, to the creases in a baby’s face when they smile. Get up close and personal.

5.  Keep it natural

Some of the most emotive shots within the Digital Photography School collection are quick snaps, which happen to capture a peculiar moment. For example, an older woman walking past an advert showing a young women, or a baby being pushed in a pram as an old man looks on thoughtfully. Think of the theme wherever you are, and capture those everyday moments with it in mind.

Thanks so much for taking part in last month’s challenge and I hope you have as much fun with this month. Check out our Facebook pages for some of the photos that are being submitted. #TruprintPhotos


Happy snapping for this month.

Take care, Helen

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