Photography Tips

Taking the Perfect Christmas Card Photo

As soon as summer holidays end, autumn and winter become a time of frenetic activities for many families. It can get intensely hectic juggling work, school and deadlines before the holidays. You’ve got time off to look forward to but you’ve also got to start preparing for the holidays before they roll around. A good way to handle things like taking annual family photos is to remember that they’re an opportunity for bonding and making memories together. Not only should you get great a photo, you should have a lovely time while you’re at it.

Christmas Card Photo Tips

Choosing The Right Location

Before you take the first step of choosing a location, think about what you want to get out of your Christmas Card photo. You don’t need to settle on a specific theme, but it’s good to have an idea for what kind of mood you’d like to have. Casual or glamorous? Do you want to portray an elevated and stylized slice of real life or would you like to create something that looks like it’s straight out of a winter wonderland?

While it’s commendable to aim high, there’s also magic in natural photos that are just a bit better than real life. If you would like to take your Christmas photos inside your home, outside in the garden or even a public park, that’s perfectly alright as well. Just make sure to have a backup plan for an outdoor shoot in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Decorating Your Christmas Photo Set For A Shoot

Many families make Christmas pictures for printing because they think it requires a great deal of planning. It’s actually very simple. Once you’ve picked a place, you only need minimal additional decor. That’s because the centrepiece of the photos will be the people in it, not the background. The background will at times also be blurred away for close-up portraits. All you need to add a touch of festiveness is one or two decorations like wreaths, colourful lights or a Christmas tree. If you’re dressed especially festively, other decor may not even be necessary.

What To Wear And How To Pose

For family Christmas pictures for printing, the most important thing is what to wear and how to pose. This is what most people will notice straight away when they see your photos.

Coordination does matter. What you definitely don’t want is to end up on Awkward Family Photos, so don’t wear all matching outfits or uniforms. Let everyone have their own unique style by letting them pick out what they’d like to wear. Clothing can be things they’ve already got lying around or can be bought new. You don’t however, need to go buy new outfits all at once. Settle on a colour scheme and go from there. For a christmas card photo, there are quite a few themes that are very flattering for group photos. You can do black and white, earth tones, neutrals, dark solid colours like evergreens and navy or Christmas colours. Avoid patterns like stripes, polka dots or clothing with words or logos on it. Flannel is an exception and looks warm and cozy in Christmas photos.

Managing The Little Ones

Plan your photo session around their feeding and sleeping times so no one is cranky out of hunger or exhaustion. Keep little treats or toys to bribe them with if they threaten to cry. You may be against this on principle, but you don’t want to have an opportunity for the whole family go awry because of one temper tantrum. Being able to wrangle children and babies in Christmas photos can be a weary task but it’s well worth it when the prize is gorgeous Christmas pictures for printing that you can enjoy for years to come.