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Keep Truprint in Your Pocket to Print Photos from Your Phone

How many photos do you have on your phone? 50? 500? 5,000? Probably somewhere in between the latter two numbers, right? You’ve probably had very few (if any) printed, because it’s always been a bit of a pain trying to find somewhere to print photos from your phone.

A whopping 85% of all photos taken in the world are now taken on a mobile. A significant majority of them are at risk of never being printed – demoted to a life of languishing in your phone gallery. Rarely viewed, if at all.

Why Print Photos from Your Phone?

Printing photos is still so important.

The most obvious reason why you’d want to print photos from your phone is simply because you probably take so many using it. You don’t need one of these fancy DSLR cameras to take a stunning summer snap.


Here are some other reasons to consider, some of which you probably never thought about before:

Print-Worthy Smartphone Snaps

You took that photo of the kids in the park, or that other snap of your sister at Dad’s birthday do, for a reason. It captured a particular moment in time you wanted to remember. But, as you keep snapping on your smartphone, each and every photo you take gets pushed further down the pecking order.

The reality is that, unless you print them, there’s a very good chance they’ll be completely forgotten about. You’ll never have a chance to reminisce about, remember and relive those moment through pictures.

Free-Up Space

If you’re anything like me, photos probably account for 80-90% of the storage usage on your phone. The remaining 10-20% is taken up by apps and alike. Once printed, do you really need to keep a digital copy on your phone?

Our suggestion: print them, save them to The Cloud and delete off your device. Truprint even offers FREE, unlimited storage of your photos if you create an account and upload them.

Lasting Memories

Nothing beats flicking through a Photo Book or photos you’ve printed and put into an album. Reminiscing, remembering, reliving. Swiping through your smartphone gallery to look at your pics just doesn’t come close. You’ve probably got SO many stored on your smartphone that you’ll give up after a few minutes of swiping.

It’s Easy!

You used to have to go in-store on the high street and plug your phone into one of them fiddly machines. Now, using an app like Truprint’s, it’s so, so easy to print photos from your phone. It couldn’t really be much easier.

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Keep Truprint in Your Pocket

Using the Truprint mobile app (available on both iOS & Android), you can print photos from your phone – all you need is an internet connection. Wherever life takes you, keep Truprint in your pocket.

Check out some of the key features and benefits of the Truprint app:

    • Upload from Your Phone: Upload photos from your phone gallery, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Import from Google Photos on Android, too!
    • Order Updates: Get app updates on your order, from receipt to dispatch.
    • Delivered to Your Door: Have your Photo Prints delivered to your door within 5 working days.
    • Make Photo Gifts: Use your photos for a wide selection of easy-to-make Photo Gifts. Mugs, Keyrings, Phone Cases, Cards, Canvas and More!
    • No Premium Pricing: You pay the exactly the same as you would on our website.
    • Discount Codes: You can use any Truprint discount code on the app.
    • Exclusive Deals: From time-to-time, you might even benefit from app-exclusive deals and discounts!

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