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    How to make a texture triptych

    We have another guest blog from Rachael today – this time, we are giving some advice on how to brighten up those walls with a stunning idea for your photographs with a quick how to on making a triptych, using textured photograhs. Was redecorating your house on your New Year’s Resolution list? In which case, a triptych, which is a set of three photos that fit together, could be the answer to your prayers. We’ve got some great ideas for creating both photo canvases and photo prints that could work really help to help develop a stunning effect on your walls. Perhaps there’s just that one room that needs the kiss…

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    Christmas cheer is on the cards – Ideas for personalised cards for Christmas

    I have always envied those slightly obsessive-compulsive friends of mine who have every seasonal detail meticulously planned out by mid-November and have every present wrapped come December 1st. For me, Christmas has always been more of a “didn’t you always love last-minute petrol station gloves?” kind of an affair. Judging by the faces of my nearest and dearest every Christmas morning, however, my tactic is getting a little tedious for all involved. So here’s how I’m bringing my own creative spark to the holidays this year with some ideas for personalised Christmas cards. Home-Made Pine Cone Characters It’s a (relatively) well-known fact that pine cones are a great way to…

  • Turning your Truprint snaps into scrapboooking centre pieces
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    Turning your Truprint snaps into scrapbooking centre pieces

    This blog post is a guest from the very talented Kittysmum who is an ex-illustrator and Graphic Designer who lives in Cheshire. She describes herself as “A scrapbooker, Methodist, camper, writer, simple living enthusiast and mum – though not necessarily in that order. I have a bit of a guilty secret. You see, I’m a scrapbooker who’s all about the scrap: I can’t be doing with spending a tenner on fancy stickers to frame a 9p print. In my blog, I bleat on about how scrapbooking doesn’t need to be fancy, how you can make embellishments from cereal boxes and print everyday snaps taken on your phone – which of…