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Christmas cheer is on the cards – Ideas for personalised cards for Christmas

By | 25th November 2015

I have always envied those slightly obsessive-compulsive friends of mine who have every seasonal detail meticulously planned out by mid-November and have every present wrapped come December 1st. For me, Christmas has always been more of a “didn’t you always love last-minute petrol station gloves?” kind of an affair. Judging by the faces of my Read more

Turning your Truprint snaps into scrapbooking centre pieces

By | 9th April 2014

This blog post is a guest from the very talented Kittysmum who is an ex-illustrator and Graphic Designer who lives in Cheshire. She describes herself as “A scrapbooker, Methodist, camper, writer, simple living enthusiast and mum – though not necessarily in that order. I have a bit of a guilty secret. You see, I’m a Read more