True Stories

True Heroes: Linda’s Story

“I found this photo in one of Dad’s wallets after he passed away. I fell in love with it. In fact, I had it enlarged and have it in my living room. It shows a part of Dad’s life we never knew – a poser! The photo was taken near his old home, probably by one of his sisters. I think he would have been about 23 here.

Dad worked from the age of 14. He was a stable boy, and would have been a jockey, but was called up for National Service. He did work with a horse that came second in the Grand National and was going to ride it that day, but they then chose one of the other jockeys. There was a newspaper clip of Dad with that horse in the wallet along with the photo I found.

“We kept his wish to stay in his own home.”

Dad worked on the farms after his National Service then as a steel worker. His claim to fame was he predicted the now-Queen was pregnant with Prince Charles, as he worked with her horses during his service. When she stopped riding he said he knew then she was pregnant.

📸 Photo Credit: Linda Reed

He also cared for my Mother who was very ill when we were young. He held his job and also looked after us four children. We all had our chores!

He loved his garden and spent many hours in there. He cared for our Mam so well, so when he became ill a year ago we paid him the compliment back and cared for him. We kept his wish to stay in his own home.”

Dad sadly passed away in February this year. He was 89. This was the last selfie I had with Dad before he passed.”

📸 Photo Credit: Linda Reed

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