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True Heroes: “He’s Our World”

For the third instalment of our True Heroes blog series, we’ve collated a few True Stories about different Dads and their photos – as told by their partners and children. This could get really interesting… or very emotional. Probably both.

Partners and children can tell real stories about their True Heroes far better than we can. It’s not about us, it’s about them. Real stories about real Dads.

So, enough from us. Scroll below and enjoy!

Mike Knell

Story told by Jeni Matthews-Knell, Mike’s partner.

📸 Photo Credit: Jeni Matthews-Knell

“This photo of myself, my husband, Mike, my son, James, 15, our daughter Sophie, 4, and our son Bobby, 2, was taken in our back garden.

This was Bobby’s 2nd Birthday, which was on Easter Sunday. We took him into the garden to show him his new slide, which was one of his presents.

Mike is a wonderful stepfather to James and father to Sophie and Bobby. He is kind, caring, affectionate, playful, and attentive – really everything you could wish for in a Dad! He is my hero and I’m sure our children feel the same about him. 

I feel very proud of my family and blessed to have three healthy and happy children. It [this photo] reminds me of a beautiful day spent with family and friends, eating good food (and birthday cake) with lots of laughs.”

Alec Ward

Story told by Lyneil Ward, Alec’s partner.

📸 Photo Credit: Lyneil Ward

“The picture was taken on Easter Sunday (2019) in Southwold. It’s our annual family trip which we do every Easter Sunday. On this occasion the weather was beautiful, but the year before we were eating fish and chips in the pouring rain! 

The picture features from the left my daughter Evelyn (4), Dad (Alec – I won’t mention his age!), Mabel (6-months old) and our fur baby Maggie who is a 7-year-old English Pointer. 

Dad (Alec) is a very good Dad to our three girls (three includes the fur baby!). He’s a very hands-on Dad, fun and makes everyone laugh. This picture sums up an amazing Easter Sunday at Southwold with the family.”

Danny O’Connor

Story told by Claire O’Connor, Danny’s partner.

📸 Photo Credit: Claire O’Connor

“This photo was taken in Greece on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. From left to right in the picture is me (Mummy/Claire), our son Fin, our daughter Evie, and then Daddy/hubby (Danny).

It was taken last Easter. It was the first time we had taken the kids to a Greek Island – and they loved it!

Danny/Daddy is the most amazing, kind-hearted and generous person. He is the best hubby and the best Daddy. He is our world and we love him sooooo much!

Looking at this photo reminds us of a fantastic family holiday and makes us all giggle 😂😍”

Graham Baskott a.k.a DYFO

Story told by Clare Baskott, Graham’s daughter.

📸 Photo Credit: Clare Baskott

“Dad has two names: Graham Baskott or DYFO, from when he complained that my Grandad had told him at a family wedding to get up and ‘Dance Your Fat Off’…

This photo of my Mum & Dad was taken on holiday in the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas! My Dad has always loved a flutter and a trip to Las Vegas was his dream come true, as you can clearly see.

He can always be guaranteed to give you a top horse racing tip on one that “just can’t lose”. But, place your bets and guess what – it usually comes in last!  He’s always got a good reason why it didn’t perform quite so well that day, and promises that you’ll be lucky next time around.

This time next year Rodney…”

John Felton

Story told by Laura Felton, John’s wife.

📸 Photo Credit: Laura Felton

“This pic of Bailey & Daddy [John] was taken in Marazion in Cornwall. We were on a family day out to St Michaels Mount, as we live in Cornwall and love exploring the National Trust places!

Daddy is a Sous Chef in Falmouth and works really long hours, so on his days off we love to explore and spend our days at the beach. I love looking at this photo! It reminds me to get out and see new places – even when I don’t feel like it.”

Stuart Eaton

Story told by Kasie Eaton, Stuart’s wife.

📸 Photo Credit: Kasie Eaton

“This was a family day out to Stourhead in Wiltshire. In the photo is our two daughters, little boy, my husband and me. What the kids say about Dad: He’s funny, he looks after us all, he works hard – and he’s the best Daddy ever!”

Steve Warburton

Story told by Kasie Eaton, Stuart’s wife.

📸 Photo Credit: Andrea Warburton

“Our photo was taken on a family walk one Sunday near our home in Littleborough. It was a rare successful selfie of the family – Dad (Steve), Mum (me – Andrea), and kids (Abigail & Max).

Steve, Dad to Abigail & Max, Loves playing with the kids and going on family holidays. His other passion for himself is cycling. Happy memories!”

Liam Causbrook

Story told by Gemma Causbrook, Liam’s wife.

📸 Photo Credit: Gemma Causbrook

“This was taken at home with Daddy (Liam) and our daughter, Mae. It was a Sunday after Mae’s swimming lesson so she was tired so Daddy and Mae had a nap together on the sofa.

Daddy (Liam) is fantastic and Mae’s face lights up when he gets in from work. Liam is a born Dad – he couldn’t do a better job, so I feel very lucky! Mae and Liam have so much fun – it is pure joy to watch them together. Heart explosion!”

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