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True Heroes: Simon Blunt & Owen Boyle

They say a picture is worth a thousands words. It is. And, more often than not, it tells a True Story better than a whole load of written words. There’s always more to it though, isn’t there? There’s always a deeper, more meaningful story behind the snap.

That’s certainly the case with today’s two true to life photos. It’s what we at Truprint live for. It’s who we are: real photos, of honest moments, all of which tell genuine stories. And that’s why we’re bringing real peoples’ real moments to life in True Stories series of blogs.

The stars of the second in our series of True Heroes stories are Simon Blunt & Owen Boyle. Two real Dads keepin’ it… real. Two True Heroes. Two sincere True Stories that singletons and parents alike will be able to relate to.

Simon Blunt

Story told by Rebecca Piper-Blunt, Simon’s partner.

📸 Photo Credit: Rebecca Piper-Blunt

“This photo was taken at home in March 2017 and is of my husband Simon, our daughter Beryl (who was 2 at the time) and our son, Rex, who was just 6 days old at the time.

It was Rex’s very first night home after an extended stay in hospital, as he had to be treated for a suspected infection shortly after birth. Simon hadn’t long started a new job, so had limited paternity leave, meaning he made the difficult decision to work while we stayed in hospital, whilst our daughter stayed with my parents.

It was a very emotional time. Simon hadn’t had the opportunity to bond much with Rex or even feed him, so it was a really special moment, not just to be together as a family of four for the first time, after being separated for so long, but also lovely because Beryl seemed very keen to get involved (we were worried about how she’d take to having a new baby!). 

“The children adore him and I couldn’t have asked for a better Daddy for them both” – Rebecca Piper-Blunt

I met Simon when Beryl was 8 months old. A lot of people would be fazed by the challenges that come with being in a relationship with somebody who already has a child. But, he rose to the occasion and has been nothing but incredible since. You’d never know in a million years that he is not biologically linked to one of his children.

He’s very conscientious and patient in his approach to parenting (unlike me!) and is a rock to all of us. He is supremely funny, very musical, spontaneous, silly and wonderfully creative. He does nap too much and doesn’t do enough washing up for my liking, but we’ll gloss over those bits! The children adore him and I couldn’t have asked for a better Daddy for them both.

[Looking at the photo] It conjures up all sorts of emotions! Mostly that bittersweet nostalgia for the fuzzy first few days of getting to know your new baby, and the amazing feeling of falling in love with your partner (again) as you watch them fall in love with their child. It’s one of those rare times that you stop to pause and take in the moment, and if I closed my eyes I could be there all over again.

We were all so tired here, but so happy to finally be a team of four. It’s one of Simon’s favourite photos.” 

Owen Boyle

Story told by July Boyle, Owen’s partner.

📸 Photo Credit: Julie Boyle

“This photo was taken at a local college lambing event in March this year. It is of my husband, daughter and I! I had taken our daughter the year before when Daddy was away and she had a brilliant time. Since I knew she had loved it so much last time it was perfect we could all go together this year. The sun was out as an added bonus, as it was snowing when we went last year!

Daddy is the “very best Daddy” according to our daughter because he takes her to the park every day and they play together all of the time. Sometimes Daddy goes away for work for a while so for us to have family time together, making memories and enjoying seeing our little one grow up, is really important.

There is nothing better than seeing your husband and daughter laughing and playing together, he really is the best Daddy! This picture always makes me smile and remember the adventures we had that day feeding the lambs and taking part in the events.”

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