True Stories

True Stories: Ann & David Rooke

Been there. Seen it. Done it. Got the metaphorical T-shirt. Isn’t that a shared, common goal or aspiration for most of us? No regrets. To take that chance. To do that thing we were always meaning to do. Or, to go on that bucket list trip we’ve always dreamt of?

That’s exactly what Ann & David Rooke did. They ticked that once-in-a-lifetime trip off their bucket list last year.

We spoke to Ann about the couple’s adventure… and their first foray into using a selfie stick – much to David’s dismay! Read (and watch!) Ann & David’s story below.

“Talking to you [Truprint] has given me cause to go back over and look back on the great holiday we had in South America, and to relive the wondrous places we visited.   

We went to South America in May 2018. There’s a photo of me and my husband, David, which was taken at Iguazu Falls in Argentina. I love that photo, because we look so happy.

It [Iguazu Falls] was such a magical place full of waterfalls, rainbows and butterflies. We were soaked from the spray generated from the falls.

There’s always an adventure around the corner – Ann Rooke

I had bought a selfie stick for the holiday and we had a great time experimenting with it. David would groan every time I got it out but I know he didn’t mind really (ha!).

We took so many photos. There is another one from the Salt Flats in Bolivia, which I also have in my Truprint album. It is a great one of my husband in the palm of my hand with a background of the Salt Flats.

We have enjoyed travelling to various locations over the past few years, enjoyed meeting people, different cultures and experiences. There’s always an adventure around the corner.”

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