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True Stories: Love is All You Need

This True Story comes straight from our Facebook follower, Alexandra Abrahams. Every word. Every photo. Every up. Every down. Every emotion. All are told solely by Alexandra. Read and enjoy!

Both myself and fiancé, Cevik, decided at short notice to go to South America. We really only booked it quite last minute. It began as a one-way trip to Amsterdam via Eurostar, after both our work contracts ended, and we then decided to fly to Madrid.

After booking Madrid, we thought about booking a trip to Lima. Flights were pretty cheap at that time. We did and then decided to do a full-blown trip. It was a little crazy, but we’re both very spontaneous.


We started in Lima, to Cusco – a very medieval walled city – and then on to climb Machu Picchu Mountain. Despite having a bit of altitude sickness and jet lag, both Cevik and I completed the hike in around five hours. This photo was taken at the top of Machu Picchu Mountain.

Reaching the top was sheer elation. We couldn’t quite believe it, as I also had had some back issues and a lack of sleep. But, what a feeling! After that, I felt – and still feel – that I can achieve anything. Everything is achievable if you put your mind to it.

The hardest bit was actually walking down and after a long trip up, it must have been another two hours down!

Testing Times

After Machu Picchu and taking the Peru Lines train, we went back to our favourite city Cusco towards the South by overnight bus to a place called Lake Titicaca and into Bolivia. Bolivia has the World’s highest city La Paz and that was an amazing experience – it’s 3,640m above sea level!

Next stop was Santiago in Chile, where we stayed for around four days, and then onto an eight-hour bus ride to Argentina and one of our favourite places in the world, Mendoza.

After Mendoza we flew to Patagonia and a tiny village on a lake called Bariloche. We stayed here in my ex-flatmate Sandra’s parents B&B and it was bliss. Patagonia was just one of the most scenic places in the world and we spent nearly a week there.

Next stop was Buenos Aires and we almost couldn’t land to due unrest and government rallies! A few days here which was delightful, followed by a flight to Uguazu and the Falls. It was here that we were slightly tested!

“Where’s my ring?”

On the way to the airport and I believe on the flight, I managed to lose my engagement ring. It was a real beauty and Cevik had proposed the year before on my birthday (2nd July).

Cevik is the most wonderful man: kind, thoughtful, caring, just a wonderful man. We’re both so lucky to have met four years ago – both in our late thirties! I only noticed I’d lost my ring after we’d arrived in Iguazu falls.

Following a frantic search back at the airport, in the end I had to say goodbye to the ring. We still haven’t yet replaced it.

Love is All You Need

We realised what is important is LOVE and to have each other. Possessions are of course important, but no fun if you don’t have someone amazing to share them with. I feel very lucky indeed to have this amazing man in my life and my family & friends adore him. I hope we can get married soon!

Iguazu was spell-binding and the pictures are there to prove it. After Iguazu we headed to Brazil and spent our last week in Rio de Janeiro, having a fantastic time in a 5* Hotel for a few nights. Having spent most of our time in B&Bs, it was sheer bliss. We saw all the main sights in Rio from Sugar Loaf Mountain, to Christ the Redeemer and Ipanema.

From Rio, we flew back to the UK. I had booked a rather cheap flight back with a stop-over in Marrakesh. We were slightly tested again as the plane was about 20 years old and didn’t feel too stable – but we lived to tell the tale.


It was such a memorable trip, one we’d never forget. It also brought us closer together and since I feel more fearless. I’m able to do anything I put my mind to with more conviction and confidence. Cevic, too. After that last year we spent two months in Turkey with his lovely family.

We’re also in the process of getting our 100-year-old house renovated, but we’re hoping to take another holiday. We need to plan our wedding, too (sometime!). Cevik is from Istanbul and Bodrum, Turkey originally, so we’re planning to do a small wedding there and a small one in the UK.

Written by: Alexandra Abrahams 
Photo Credits: Alexandra Abrahams 

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