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Are You Looking for Insploration?

You don’t have to be reading this right now. You do know that don’t you? As much as we’d like to believe you really enjoy reading these blogs, we actually know you’re here for something else.

We know how you think, we know what you’re after and we know why. You’re looking for insploration aren’t you? Yes. You read that correctly… insploration.

Noun: inspiration

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative; the quality of being inspired; a person or thing that inspires.

Noun: exploration

The act of travelling through a place in order to find out about it or look for something in it

Inspiration + Exploration = Insploration

Interesting word isn’t it? It’s a word, we like to think, that defines the act of exploring, the act of journeying (mostly on the internet), in order to find inspiration.

Admit it. It’s what you’re doing right now. You’re Insploring aren’t you?

Don’t worry; we’re not going to tell on you. Everyone is doing it. And, thanks to carry anywhere go anywhere technology, nearly everyone seems to be doing it more and more and more.

Photo Credit: Jenny Bagnall

Sitting. Lying. Standing. Travelling. The only things moving are your eyes and your thumb. Hand held rigid. Eyes locked to that phone, tablet or computer screen.

There’s no escaping it. It’s an insta know, insta see, insta engaging world we live in today. It’s urgent. It’s insistent. It’s interruptive. It wants our attention. It wants our time.

It’s what happens when technology, the internet and online media meets us, humans. It’s accessibly engaging technology meets socially curious brain. And the result? Ironically, a new hybrid human species we’re going to call

Homo Uninspired

When you have unlimited choice you can’t really choose. When it feels like you can go anywhere, you don’t really travel. When you want to know something you don’t really learn about it yourself. Why bother when you can ask the Wonderful Wizard of Wise, Google?

Basically, we’re persuaded into trying everything, seeing everything, knowing everything, from right where we are. It’s effortless. So there’s no real effort put in. So much so that what really intrigued or piqued our interest before, now barely raises the same eyebrow.

It almost seems like we have to travel further and further just to get to the same starting point.

Sadly, as any parent will attest, it’s also had the noticeable effect of reducing boredom thresholds to practically nothing. Adults are not immune either.

What to do now in the 30 seconds I have between lift floors? What can I do until the kettle boils? What can I do after the kettle boils? Can’t not be doing something.

Must feed the eyes, must feed the mind, must keep the boredom monster away. Must find something worth my time to do. Must find Insploration.

How to find Insploration

Inside your head is the most complex thing in the universe, your brain. You are using it right now as part of the most mysterious thing in the universe, life. Basically, you’re a lifelong mystery machine with naturally curious programming and a self-indulgent feedback mechanism.

Which makes the following statements all the more important to bear in mind when looking for Insploration:

  • If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.
  • If you go where you’ve always gone, you’ll see what you always see.
  • And, if you see how you always see, you’ll discover what you’ve always discovered.

In many ways technology is awe-inspiring. However, in many ways, technology is also uninspiring.

It makes life too easy, too effortless, too cosy. Rewards for minimal effort are small and frequent. Yet, if you really analyse them, those rewards are also empty and ultimately unsatisfying. So, you quickly move on to the next. And so on and so on. Until you’ve satisfied your hunger for the moment, or until your battery dies.

What are we looking for? What are we doing all day? What do we find? Is it all worthwhile? Maybe.

But only if we really notice it and act on it when we find it.

So, how about this for a radical idea? STOP.

Do something different. Go somewhere new. See in a different way.

Photo Credit: Sonia Murray

We at Truprint think it’s about time we all got off the mind-beaten path. We believe it’s time we tried a new direction. We think it’s about time we helped each other find Insploration somewhere else. And we’re giving that place a name.


Free travel to everywhere. That’s how we’re going to advertise it.Like an actual train station, it’s journey’s end and journey’s beginning. It’s a stop and a start. Think of it too like a TV station, a channel of goodies for you to watch and learn from.

But, also think of it as a workstation. A creativity workstation. A place for us to discover, develop, create and share real inspiration.

In the end, inspiration often involves nothing more than making new connections. We hope to save you precious time. We want to give you value for your time. We want to help you make those new connections quicker.

For example, through these blogs and additional content, we hope to show you how to get the most out of your photos, your time, yourself. It will hopefully inspire you to surround yourself with mementos of your Insplorational journeys. Perhaps, it will even inspire you to create and share Insplorational gifts. We are in that business after all. But, most importantly, it will hopefully inspire you to

Explore differently. See differently. Be differently.

Most often it’s not where inspiration comes from, it’s where does it currently live. And don’t believe for a second that you’ll never find, or have never felt it. You were a child once, daringly curious and energetically persistent in attaining your goals. You still have that child within you.

If you don’t believe us, think about it the next time you click through 25 barely literate, ad filled pages just to find out how much plastic surgery your favourite sitcom celebrity has had. All that persistence. All that curious effort. Was that really worth putting the most complex, most mysterious thing in the universe through? Was that really profitable?

Was that truly INSPLORATIONAL?

So tell us. Where do you go for Insploration? Where have you found it? What did your past journeys inspire you to do? Share your journeys with us and others.

Don’t devalue your ability, your feelings, your choices or your time. You are Insplorational.

Insploration is everywhere

We all have the energy to find it. We just need to discover which direction it took and journey there.

And, while we’re doing that, it’s also important to remember this. Nobody has a monopoly on creative ideas, or on inspiration. We got excited thinking we had made up a new word only to find out, after the fact, that others had got there first.

We can live with that. It doesn’t make our effort any less valuable. We didn’t fail to create something new. We’ve succeeded in going further in the direction we want to than we’ve ever been before. And we’ve done it in the hope that we’ll do, see, be something new. That’s the most important thing.

Every step is a step closer to something new. Every step is a step further away from where you’ve been. Everything creative is unoriginal until it isn’t.

Climb aboard the Truprint Express

Your next stop… Insploration.

Mind and close the gap between your brain and real life’s platform. Be open to the journey. Be ready for the ride. And bring your cameras.

Photo Credit: Katie Goddard

Together, let’s be quick to notice, patient to learn, inspired to discover. Together, let’s make a real effort.

Let’s find a will and leave it all to our imaginations. Together, let’s be Insplorational.

Truprint: Inspired by you.