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Down With “Cheese” and the ‘Land of Fake Believe’

Not everybody likes “cheese”. Some people can’t stomach it at all. It’s bold. It’s brash. It can seem artificial. Many “cheese users” simply just don’t like how they look when they’re mouthing it. So, they rummage around and substitute it with something else. Regardless of your preference, we at Truprint are not fans of “cheese”. Let us explain.

In the 19th century, due to social and behavioural norms, people preferred “prunes”. In Sweden today, they much prefer “omelette”. In France they really like “marmoset”.

Let’s face it, “cheese” has the market wrapped up. “Cheese” has a monopoly. However, we believe we have a claim to fame where pesky “cheese” is concerned.

For a brief period of time, we single-handedly, quite entertainingly and all in the public interest, helped “cheese” lose its flavour. Yep, this brand turned “cheese” bland.

When “Cheese” Lost its Flavour: A True Story

What’s the first word on your lips when somebody points a camera at you? You might have guessed it already, but we are in fact talking about the word “cheese” – not the product.

Are you keeping up?

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, our iconic Truprint ads (check them out in our previous blog) had people all over ditching “cheese” for “Truprint”.

📸 Photo Credit: Paula Wagstaff

“Cheese” as a noun and as other flavoursome parts of the English Language has many definitions. One of these, we believe, has developed a new relevancy in this digital age. In fact, it’s a developing trend. Literally. And it’s one we’re taking a stand against.

Cheesy: (of a smile) exaggerated and likely to be insincere – ‘a cheesy grin’

It can also mean fake or artificial.

Be brave

Let’s be brave for a moment. Let’s talk about image. These days nearly most people carry a mirror around with them, whether they like it or not. Smartphones.



“Eewww, look at my nose!”

If you wish, you can be disappointed at how you look every second of every day. Then, ironically, you can use that same mirror to look all day long at other people on social media. The beautiful people. The sexy people. The interesting, photogenic people. They might be your friends. They’re probably total strangers.

“Be brave. You can do it!”
📸 Photo Credit: Claire Jackson

But, most importantly, these are people who appear to make you and your life look dull, ugly and unsociable. All thanks to your internet-capable camera phones. But let’s not blame the technology.

We’re social animals. It’s only natural to wonder how and where we fit in. To want to fit in. Take those teenage years. Issues arise when you’re made to think you should aspire to be something you’re not, and they really take root when you begin to believe it.

It’s enough to give anyone serious hang-ups. And it has.

The Land of Fake Believe

The spike in mental health and body confidence issues, social media concerns and the like has been widely reported. And rightly so.

Part of what we believe has fuelled this rise in body and life image issues is something unnatural, artificial and unreal. Something contrived and “cheesy”. Let’s call it the ‘Land of Fake Believe’.

Who knows how many images are being uploaded to social media apps every second? Hands up. We don’t. But, think about this for that second. How many of them do you think are true, honest, accurate depictions of life and the people in it at that moment? How many are actually “real”? Like these…

Escapees from the Land of Fake Believe

When being candid is not trendy. When what you represent must be blurry. When what you show the world must be partly hidden, partly true, partly you. When this becomes an accepted practice. Then it shouldn’t be surprising that much of what you see and read may not be the whole truth at all.

We’re not blaming anybody. If you think you’re going to be judged you’ll hide. Behind a mask, behind a filter, behind the camera, behind a lie. It’s okay. It’s only natural. It’s only human. But sometimes it’s just not you.

Be you, not them. #betruetolife

So, it’s time fake took a break. You can handle the truth. We know you can. We see it every day in your real-life photos. All 5,000 of them shared with us on social media in just five weeks. Now looking all snuggly on our products and brightening up the Truprint website no end.

If you haven’t already, why not join us? Take up your placards and together let’s tell the world the truth. Let’s shout it to the rooftops. In fact, let’s shout it to the truth tops. Down with “cheese”. Liberate yourself from the Land of Fake Believe.

“Down with cheese”. “Leave the Land of Fake Believe”. 

📸 Photo Credit: Tara Reading

It’s not what you look for in life. It’s not what you look like in life. It’s what life looks for in you. It’s what life looks like on you. And we think you look smashing.

Here’s a rhyme to help you remember:

Look in a mirror and like what you see. It’s not a question. It’s a plea.

If you’re being told to fake it, don’t take it. Try it. At some point it’ll click. And when it does, be brave, smile wide. And next time. When life looks your way. If you’re beginning to think “cheese”, say “Truprint” instead. With us to support you, you’ll soon look like yourself again.

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