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Sneak Peek of the Truprint Team’s Favourite Photos

If we asked you “What’s your favourite photo – ever?”, you probably wouldn’t know where to start. There are so many you could choose. So many true to life moments captured over the years. Some poignant. Others perfectly imperfect. But, all of them, real.

We’ve been asking you to share your true to life photos for a little while now. So we thought it was about time we showed you some of ours, surely? As a little bit of a fun, Friday afternoon exercise, we asked four of the Truprint team to share their ‘favourite’ photo.

What you’ll see are four ‘favourite’ photos chosen not because “My hair looks good in this one”. Or, because it captures “My good side”. What you’ll see and read about are firm favourites for reasons far beyond the photo.


CRM Manager

“I have been horse mad since I was a kid, but this picture is of me as a ‘grown up’ with my horse, Lola. This picture was taken in July 2018 at Riding Club camp and is special as it is the biggest I have ever jumped – over a metre (check out my face 😱)!


I have always been an absolute cop out when it comes to jumping, but building a strong bond with Lola over 8 years has meant we have trust in each other. I thought we would never get this far and I was in tears at the end of the lesson, bursting with pride over our achievements.

I have lots of photos of us together, which is great for seeing how far we’ve come as a team!”



Head of Brand & Marketing

“It’s blurred. Really blurred. I know, I know. But it doesn’t matter to me. This is a picture of my eldest daughter on holiday in France with me last autumn. She is really self-conscious and will never let me take a picture of her.


I caught her dancing around the garden like she was 5 years old again one evening. I could only quickly grab this blurry photo. I can see through the blur how happy she is. It makes me smile – a lot.”



Social Media & Content Manager

“It was really hard to choose just one photo as my ‘favourite’. I could have chosen 2,000 or more! This is a photo of my little boy (Joshua) and me, taken by my Dad a couple of years ago. Joshua would have only been about three or four months old here and my family had ventured down to Devon to visit us.


My Dad is a snap-happy photography hobbyist, so he’s always taking photos. Constantly. I genuinely didn’t know the photo was being taken. Dad somehow managed to get a lucky shot as Joshua looked towards him.

I love everything about this picture. Joshua’s cute little face, chubby cheeks and comb-over. Him grabbing my finger. The fact that it [the photo] reminds me of what was probably the best time of my life, the early days of being a first-time Father. It’s still the screensaver on my phone almost three years later!”



Marketing Executive

“This is a photo of my Mum on Dartmoor. Mum is lucky enough to live on Dartmoor in Devon, so this view is just a couple of minutes away from where she lives. It’s my favourite photo because it reminds me of home, and the lovely day we had together. This photo always makes me smile, and it makes me feel incredibly proud to call her my Mum.


Life has thrown her some huge challenges over the last couple of years after being diagnosed with cancer. But she always manages to rise above and fight any challenge with a brave, confident smile on her face. I will always look up to her.”

We’ve even used some of the Truprint team’s personal photos in some of our product photography on our website. See if you can spot them:

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