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Secret Santa Ideas

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Secret Santa Gifts

Whether you pick names randomly out of a hat or elect a ‘chosen one’ to divvy-up who’s buying for who, Secret Santa adds a bit of festive fun to buying Christmas gifts for friends, family and colleagues. Purchasing a present for someone that’s a bit more personal, a bit more heartfelt, is bound to make the recipient feel above and beyond how they’d feel if you gifted them a voucher. We've pulled together some ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for your co-worker this Christmas.


Choosing your Secret Santa Gift can be tough - we need to find a gift that's original, and fun, and you probably have a strict spend limit. With a personalised gift you can tick all those boxes - check our Deals page for offers.


A photo gift is perfect for any co-worker it can also really be unique and capture the personality of the recipient. It’s important to choose the right Secret Santa Gift for whichever lucky person you pull out of the hat! Sentimental, funny? Browse our designs for the perfect present.


Our Top Gift Idea

Every office desk has a mug! What not make life simple for everyone in the office and have them exchange personalised photo mugs? Add photos, fun designs and message unique to each recipient. Add all the trimmings to a photo mug by filling it with sweets or chocolate. Who can resist! Upload your photo, we'll create and deliver - all you have left to do is wrap!

Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

Different Gifts for Secret Santa

Impress your colleagues with a clever gift idea. At Truprint you'll be able to personalise the gift to suit anybody's taste. From a stylish framed print, practical keyring or photo mug or office desk calendar. They'll never know just how stress-free it was!

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